Dr. Jones and Dr. Wood are the founders and owners of Jones-Wood Psychological Associates, Inc. Throughout the years they have had the pleasure of working with many amazing and gifted individuals. Today, we recognize them, and their practice, by highlighting some of the many positive reviews that have been received over the years.

Lynn A. Luna Jones, Ph.D. (Independent medical evaluation) ABPP
Arcangela Wood - psychologist

From employees:

The staff and providers at Jones-Wood are very friendly and good at what they do. I would recommend them to anyone seeking counseling services.

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Jones and Dr. Wood. I would highly recommend them for any psychological or forensic services.
-Stacy Koehl

Jones Wood Psychological Associates is such a great place to work. It is professional, friendly and flexible. During my time working here, I have learned so much from Dr. Jones and Dr. Wood. They are fabulous to work with and make you feel right at home. I would definitely recommend a career at their practice.
-Andrea Murphy

Great workplace! I do not dread going to work…Seriously…I do not dread going to work. The people I work with make my day fly by. The variety of work is the proverbial slice of life! Sure I have my daily tasks but everyday is different because everyday I see and work with different people within our practice. But the thing I love the most about my job is the feeling that I am contributing to our team and making a difference!
-Chey Ebert

Jones-Wood Psychological Associates has been an amazing place to work for my first experience with Private Practice. I feel very lucky to have the support of Drs. Jones and Wood, the support staff, and the other clinicians along with being able to have autonomy in my personal performance. Everyone from the initial contact, to interview, to viewing the beautiful office, and starting has been very kind and welcoming. Not to mention so helpful, especially the support staff. This is an amazing place to be a part of, especially with the relatively new Hudson location, that is growing each and every day.
-Monica Myers

From former students of Drs. Wood & Jones:

Although I am not a current or former client of Jones-Wood Psychological Associates, Inc., I am indebted to Drs. Jones and Wood for paving the way for my future career as a clinical-forensic psychologist. Even as a student I quickly had the impression I was being taught by competent and scholarly psychologists with a stellar balance of warmth and professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend this practice to anyone in search of their niche yet ever-important services.
-Dr. Raquel Morson

Dr. Luna Jones was a professor and mentor of mine (I am not a patient current or past). She was by far the most impactful professor I ever had and challenged me to be the best version of myself. She gave me an opportunity to work with her at her offices and gain valuable experience in the field of Forensic Psychology. Caring, thoughtful and intelligent, Dr. Jones took a personal investment in me to help me grow and I would strongly recommend her!

I’ve known Dr. Wood for over 15 years. She was my supervisor and mentor during my internship year and we’ve been professional colleagues since that time. Dr. Wood is a very talented psychologist and excels at psychological evaluations. Dr. Wood is thoughtful, empathic, and does an excellent job of conceptualizing her cases. I recommend Dr. Wood wholeheartedly for psychological evaluations.
-Dr. Dustin Wygant

I am a student that has had the privilege of receiving some of my education from Dr. Luna Jones. She exhibited excellent scholarship and always integrated current empirical research in the classroom. She sets the standard for professionalism. I believe her to be advancing our understanding of forensic psychology and psychological testing. My career and understanding in the field of psychology has advanced due to the education I received from Dr. Luna Jones. I would recommend her to anyone needing psychological and forensics services.
-Dr. Shawn Ellis

While I am not a current or former patient, I was supervised by Dr. Jones and Dr. Wood during my Ph.D. program. I spent a year working with them and learned so much as their student. They are both incredibly knowledgeable, warm, kind, caring, and competent. I would highly recommend their practice to anyone looking for psychological services. They are without a doubt exceptional psychologists!
-Marisa Norton

I had the privilege of spending a year in clinical training under the supervision of Dr. Wood and
Dr. Jones. They are as knowledgeable about psychology as they are kind and professional, and I learned so much from working with them. Both are highly skilled, compassionate, and experienced, and I would recommend them without hesitation.
-Jordan Hall

I am not a former or current client, but rather a colleague and former supervisee of Dr. Luna Jones and Dr. Wood. I am grateful to have worked with such skilled and knowledgeable psychologists, and as a licensed psychologist myself, I would have no hesitation in referring anyone for their services. Highly recommended!
-Dr. Bill Menton

I am NOT a client, but I am a professional colleague of Drs. Jones and Wood. Drs. Jones and Wood are extremely competent, thoughtful, and professional psychologists. I cannot recommend these providers with enough enthusiasm.
-Dr. Curtis Mattson

Dr. Lynn Luna Jones and the team at Jones-Wood Psychological Associates provide top notch mental health services to Northeast Ohio communities. I am not a current or former client – I had the privilege to work under Dr. Jones, as she served as a supervisor and mentor during my own training in clinical psychology. Dr. Jones is board certified in forensic psychology, an achievement met by only those who have considerable experience in the practice of forensic psychology and practice at the highest standard. In her forensic work, I have observed Dr. Jones to not only deliver high quality work, but also conduct forensic evaluations with the highest regard for the ethical practice of forensic psychology. Her excellent interpersonal skills allow her to conduct person-focused and nuanced evaluations the result in targeted, practical recommendations, and she communicates these recommendations to stakeholders with clarity. While I have not personally observed Dr. Jones’ work in psychotherapy, I have no doubt that her warm personality and genuine care for her clients (in addition to her many years of experience) make her an invaluable mental health provider in the service of her clients’ psychotherapy goals.
-Dr. Lisa Manderino

As a former colleague (not a client) and licensed psychologist, I can attest to the fact that Dr. Jones and Dr. Wood are amongst the most well-trained, talented psychologists with whom I’ve ever had an opportunity to work. They have extensive experience conducting clinical and forensic evaluations, and provide high quality, scientifically informed services to their clients.
-Dr. Tayla Lee

I am a former supervisee of Dr. Jones and Dr. Wood, not a client. Working with them greatly informed how I continue to practice to this day – the care I take in assessment, with ethical concerns, and how to work with clients. I found them both highly knowledgeable, insightful and helpful.
-Dr. Ashley Szabo

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From Colleagues:

Jones-Wood Psychological Associates provides a warm, welcoming work environment that serves a diversity of clients and offers a variety of services. They are well-organized, the staff are attentive and Dr. Jones and Dr. Wood are very supportive to all of your needs as a clinician.
-Dr. Elizabeth Harris

I have known Dr. Luna Jones and Dr. Wood since 2004 when I worked with them at the same outpatient forensic practice. As colleagues (I am a licensed psychologist), we spent much time together consulting on cases, engaging in the co-facilitation of groups and completing court evaluations. My interactions with Dr. Luna Jones and Dr. Wood were always positive. They practiced with professionalism and integrity-both were a pleasure to be around. I recommend their practice often. Additionally, I would, without reservation, refer a family member to Jones-Wood Psychological Associates, Inc. for mental health treatment and/or assessment. As a disclaimer, I am not a current or former client.
-Dr. Melissa Dunphy

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and a colleague of Dr. Lynn Jones. While I am neither a current or former patient, I have consulted with Dr. Jones on numerous occasions and have found her to be highly respectful, compassionate, and a true professional in her field.
-Dr. Kristi Mueller

I am not a patient, but I am a colleague of Dr. Jones. She is the consummate professional with years of experience. She is a great resources for her students, patients, and colleagues. Whenever I consult with her, I know that she is going to offer critical thinking points that I need to consider in order to make a healthy clinical decision. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Jones.
-Dr. LaKeita Carter

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