Gender-affirming therapy is a therapeutic stance that focuses on affirming the client’s gender identity
and does not try to “repair” it. Gender-affirming care is crucial to the overall health and well-being of transgender and nonbinary children and adolescents. Gender diverse adolescents, in particular, face significant health disparities compared to their cisgender peers. Transgender and gender nonbinary adolescents are at increased risk for mental health issues, substance use, and suicide.

Gender-affirming therapy helps transgender and gender non-conforming clients cope with:

– Trauma
– Shame
– Depression
– Self-harm
– Violence
– Sexuality
– Medical treatment
– Societal stigma

Our clinicians that provide this unique therapy include:

Heather Masters, LISW-S
Beth Gracey - Social Worker - child therapy
Beth Gracey, LISW-S
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