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Expert Testimony by Jones-Wood Psychological Associates, Inc.

At Jones-Wood Psychological Associates, Inc., we have several highly trained forensic psychologists that can provide expert testimony on a wide variety of criminal and civil matters. Our doctors can offer opinions based on their specialized knowledge that will help the trier of fact understand the evidence or determine a fact in issue. Our testimony is defensible, as it is based on sufficient facts and data. We also use reliable methods to formulate our opinions, including the most up-to-date psychological testing. We have been undoubtedly accepted as experts in the adult and juvenile courts of Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Medina, Portage, Summit, and Stark Counties.

Some examples of the types of cases we have offered expert testimony on include:

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  • Competency to stand trial
  • Sanity at the time of the act
  • Mitigation of penalty
  • Child custody
  • Termination of parental rights
  • Personal injury
  • Sexual risk assessment
  • Sexual abuse

Our forensic experts are accessible and easy to work with.

Female dressed professionally sitting across from male client at office desk.

We offer timely responses to calls and emails, and our reports are submitted when requested. We also understand the importance of making court deadlines. Our doctors are detail oriented, have strong communication skills, and they are able to maintain objectivity, even with the most difficult cases.

The psychologists at Jones-Wood Psychological Associates, Inc. adhere to the Specialty Guidelines for
Forensic Psychology, as set forth by the American Psychological Association.

These standards include (but are not limited to):


With regard to the responsibilities of a forensic psychologist, we not only aim to act with integrity and impartiality, but with fairness and avoiding any conflicts of interest.


As forensic psychologists, we gain and maintain competence in our field, only practicing within the scope of our competence as well as representing our competencies accurately. We have knowledge of the legal system and also the legal rights of individuals. We are also aware of the scientific foundation for our opinions and testimony. Our doctors also appreciate individual and group differences, respecting diversity issues.


Our goal is to seek explicit agreements that clearly define our services and keep our clients reasonably
informed about the status of our services.

Relationship/Conflict in Practice

We are aware of our relationship with retaining parties and recognized the potential for conflicts of interest and threats to objectivity with multiple relationships, such as therapeutic-forensic role conflicts. When any conflicts occur, forensic psychologists seek to make the conflict known to the relevant parties and consider the rights and interests of the relevant parties in our attempts to resolve the conflict.


Our fee arrangements are clear to the client and explain the likely cost of services whenever it is feasible.
We do not accept any contingency fees.

Informed Consent, Notification & Assent

Our doctors inform clients, examinees, and relevant others about the nature and parameters of the forensic services to be provided.

Privacy, Confidentiality & Privilege

We undoubtedly recognize our ethical obligation to maintain the confidentiality of information relating to a client or retaining party, except when disclosure is consented to by the client or retaining party, or required or permitted by law.

Methods & Procedures/Assessment

Our forensic psychologists utilize appropriate methods and procedures for our work. We use multiple
sources of information and we avoid relying solely upon one source of information. Further, our reports
focus on legally relevant factors.

Professional & Other Public Communications

At Jones-Wood Psychological Associates, Inc., we aim for accuracy and fairness. We avoid deception and
whenever possible, we differentiate our observations, inferences, and conclusions. We also disclose our sources of information and bases of our opinions in a forthright manner.

Our Jones-Wood Psychological Associates, Inc. psychologists that conduct these evaluations are:

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