Jones-Wood Psychological Associates, Inc. is a group psychological practice that has been in business since 2013. This has been a wonderful experience and we would like to share some of our favorite things about private practice work.

Multiple Disciplines
One thing that is great about working in our private practice is the ability to work with mental health
professionals of varying disciplines. We have social workers, licensed professional clinical counselors, and psychologists. Plus, our psychologists perform both clinical and forensic services, which covers a wide variety of work.

Because we have so many types of providers, our practice serves many different types of clients, from children to elderly persons, couples to individuals. These clients present with many kinds of concerns as well. We are always open to hiring clinicians of varying backgrounds and worldviews, as well as clients with a wide range of cultural frameworks.

Another great thing about working in a private practice is that our clinicians are able to select exactly the types of clients they are competent and interesting in working with. They can also choose the specific treatment modalities they like to perform.

Our clinicians are able to work as few, or as many, hours as they wish. They also determine which days they want to work, and whether they want to work in the office or provide telehealth services.

We know that each of our clinicians are independently licensed professionals and we respect their autonomy at all times. At the same time, we have fostered an environment where professional consultation is available and encouraged whenever needed.

Public Relations
Part of the fun of managing a private practice is developing relationships with others in the communities we serve. We have been fortunate to build these connections with schools, physicians, employers, police departments, universities, and other referral sources. We also assist students who wish to learn about the field of psychology whenever possible, via informational conversations, career fairs, and practicum experiences.

Learning about the management of private practice work has been an amazing experience. Over the years, we have learned many things about accounting, real estate, information technology, marketing,
staff recruitment, management, and training. We have certainly made many mistakes, but we have tried to benefit from those experiences, too.

As a small company with only four employees at our Chagrin Falls office and three employees at our Hudson location, we are a tight-knit group. We recognize the importance of how each of our tasks are interrelated and impact each other. It is our goal to always respect the work that each of us does.

Drs. Jones & Wood have worked together for 20 years. Our relationship has grown closer over this time, with a level of trust and commitment to each other and our vision that has continued to flourish. Our goal is excellence in all that we do, and we could never have done it without each other.

Dr Lynn Luna Jones and Dr. Archangela Wood pose for a picture together in front of their private practice.


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