Outside view of our Chagrin Falls psychology office


Dr. Jones and Dr. Wood can perform ADHD testing.

Arcangela Wood, PsyD and Lynn Luna Jones, PhD, ABPP opened our Chagrin Falls psychology office in 2013. These ladies have been working together since 2003 and make a great team.  Wood and Jones were interested in being able to provide therapy to clients, in addition to their forensic work.  They really enjoy the balance it brings.  Over time, the business has continued to grow and now we have 16 therapists at this location. They also have four amazing support staff persons. 

Our Chagrin Falls psychology office is lovely and our Bainbridge location offers a good amount of privacy.  The Chagrin Valley Professional Building is truly a one-stop shop for personal wellness as well as beauty. With a massage therapist, hair salon, and nail salon in the same building, it’s easy to take care of yourself in one trip.  It is so nice to have such wonderful neighbors!   

Outside view of our Chagrin Falls psychology office
Conference room at our Chagrin Falls psychology office
One of our offices inside Chagrins Falls location

Our approach is to build the most diverse, talented staff possible. We pride ourselves on being able to give our clients a wide range of providers to treat their specific needs.  Our services are covered by most insurances which makes it easier for us to meet your needs.

Our Chagrin Falls psychology office has many wonderful therapists to help with your needs.

Here are some specific highlights of their specialties:

Adults and couples seeking sex therapy: Deanna Morphy, LPCC-S

Couples and adults requiring assistance with parenting, martial issues, and trauma: Lori Wolfe, LPCC-S

Adults coping with anxiety, depression, PTSD, personality disorders, or cultural issues: Hao Chu, PsyD

Women who need support with mood disorders, such as postpartum depression and anxiety, throughout a holistic approach: Beth Gracey, LISW-S

Adults looking for help with health-related issues, such as chronic pain, binge eating, insomnia, and smoking cessation: Michael Purdum, PhD

Adults requiring help with trauma and other issues from a Christian perspective: Leslie McNamara, LPCC-S

Couples and adults looking for a vibrant therapist to help them manage a wide range of life stressors: Emily Chervenak, LISW

Adults and adolescents seeking a therapist for assistance with grief, anxiety, depression, or anger: Christopher Kline, PhD

Adolescents, adults, and couples needing relationship help of all kinds, particularly those related to LGBTQ+ concerns: Heather Koontz, LISW-S

Adults, couples, and families coping with a wide variety of depression, anxiety, or personality issues: Lauren Kustec, LPCC

Adults and adolescents needing help with sociocultural and systemic stressor, as well as gender identity issues: Elizabeth Harris, PhD

Teens and children requiring trauma-focused counseling, play therapy, family systems therapy, and other approaches: Roseann D’Agati, LISW-S

Adolescents, children, couples, and adults looking for help with any issues related to trauma, sexuality, sexual health, and/or sexual functioning: Valerie Lightner, LISW

Children and families needing assistance with ADHD, behavioral problems, depression, or anxiety: Aminah Brahim-Jimenez, LISW-S

Forensic Services

Police officers needing pre-employment psychological evaluations: Andrea Loucaides, PhD

Children, teens, and adults requiring psychological testing: Lynn Luna Jones, PhD, ABPP

Injured workers requiring psychological evaluations for their Bureau of Workers’ Compensation claim: Elizabeth Harris, PhD

Air traffic controllers requiring pre-employment psychological evaluations: Michael Biscaro, PsyD, ABPP

Adults that need other forensic evaluations for the courts: Arcangela Wood, PsyD

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